The mission of Paws 2 Care Coalition is to save the lives of abandoned, neglected and homeless pets in South Florida by:

1. Rescuing dogs from high kill shelters and abusive or neglected environments.

2. Protecting dogs by providing shelter, nutrition, recreation and lots of love in our adoption center in Hollywwod, FL.

3. Providing medical care focused on prevention, healing and rehabilitation.

4. Seeking loving and healthy homes for our adoptable pets.

5. Educating the community about responsible pet ownership, spaying and neutering.

This is Paws 2 Care Coalition!!

Visit our "Road to Recovery" page to learn about the journey that some of our fur babies 
have gone through with the help of incredible people like you. 

More stories like this can be a reality if we join forces!
Please donate and invite your friends, familiy and co-workers to make a difference 
by saving one sick or injured dog.

Let's make a difference together, let's be the voice of defenseless animals!

Shop at Amazon Smile to support Paws 2 Care Coalition!
Shop at Amazon Smile (same product selection than the regular Amazon that you know) and select Paws 2 Care Coalition as your charity!. 0.5% of your purchase will help us save lives.  

Every mile you walk with your dog can donate to Paws 2 Care Coalition! 
Use the app each time you grab for the leash! It is healthy for you, your dog and Paws 2 Care Coalition!!

Go to WoofTrax, click "Get the App", and start taking your Walk for a Dog everyday!!

We just might be a match made in heaven (but we will never know unless we meet)
Meet our fur babies at PetSmart of Pembroke Pines every Saturday from 12 - 4 pm.

11950 Pines Blvd.
Pembroke Pines FL, 33026

And now also in PetSmart of Plantation, the second Saturday of every month from 11 am to 3 pm.

12051 W. Sunrise Blvd.
Plantation FL, 33323

Thank you PetSmart for your support!

Anybody Ride? Please join the Cartel Baggers of Fort Lauderdale for a motorcycle ride benefiting our pups on August 27, starting at and ending at Cafe 27 in Weston. Hope to see you there! http://       

Paws 2 Care Coalition is a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization. We rely entirely on donations, we appreciate your support.

 Allie was adopted! Please visit our  Happy Tails section to read her story as well as see and read about all the other fur babies that have found loving homes.

Pet in the Spotlight

Cooper or "Super Dooper Cooper" as we call him is sweet as can be, completely housebroken, wonderful on walks, loves all people and other dogs, can play fetch for hours with a ball or with bubbles, and loves to be by your side. So why is he still here?
Judy Goody Needs your Help

Friends we desperately need your help for Judy Goody. This sweet girl has been in our care for a few months. We got her knowing she had a skin condition and we had no doubt we can help her. It Looks like demodex manage something we have treated many times. But after numerous vets, testing, and skin scrapping we learn her condition is much more serious. Judy is suffering from meth-resist staph pseudintermedius (MRSP) this is a germ that eats at her skin and is resistant to most antibiotics. Only a couple of medications can help but all run a huge risk. We were even advised she may have to be euthanized. Well that's not happening. We have started her on a medication that may help. But she has to continuously go back to the clinic for testing, bloodwork, and making sure her organs (liver/kidneys) are not affected. This treatment will last for months along her biweekly visits to the clinic. We are reaching out to you for your support as her care has gone way beyond what we were expecting. If you can and would like to donate to Judy Goody's medical care please click on the link below. Any amount will help as we know it all adds up. Anyone that has met her knows that she deserves the best. Thank you so much for caring and please share Judy's story. She is one tough cookie. ❤️��
Every internet search you do can donate one penny to Paws 2 Care Coalition!
We all surf the internet every day. What better way to support Paws 2 Care than searching through!! 

Chose Paws 2 Care as your charity, and one penny will go to support our fur babies for every search you do!
RIP Bertie
You were dropped off at our little rescue in terrible pain. We don't know what happened to you Bertie, but we tried to help you. In the end, you couldn't endure the pain and we had to make that horrible decision. We hope that you at least felt the love and compassion that we tried to provide in your last days, and we ask for forgiveness on behalf of the human race, that can be so cruel and unkind to creatures that have only love to give. RIP beautiful angel.
It really does SAVE lives!